Tank Man


On June 5, 1989, one day after the Chinese army’s deadly crushing of the 1989 Tienanmen Square protests in Beijing, a single, unarmed young man stood his ground before a column of tanks on the Avenue of Eternal Peace. His influence that day became an icon for the struggle for freedom around the world.  Years later, many have forgotten this man and what he stood for due to the heavy censorship and regulation of China’s information.

This is a great documentary that interviews many who were witness this the events that led to the Tienanmen Square protests.  As they recount the events of the protests you feel this wave of sadness of the tragedy that could have been avoided.  And just when you thought the People had lost you see and hear of the Tank Man.  This unknown man who had finally said, enough is enough and stood up against the oppression with his own life.

And now, with the boom of the wealthy of China and the crocked deal the government made with its people, I can’t help but wonder if his stance was in vain.  As the wealthy and middle class have grown and become stronger, the poor have lost their voices working for hardly anything to supply the word with goods.  If Tank Man was here today would he smile at a job accomplished or be dismayed at the direction his country had decided to go in.