Particle Fever

Particle Fever

“For more than three decades, the Higgs has been physicists’ version of King Arthur’s Holy Grail, Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth, Captain Ahab’s Moby Dick. It’s been an obsession, a fixation, an addiction to an idea that almost every expert believed just had to be true.”  Science News, magazine of the Society for Science and the Public

Get ready to nerd out and see a documentary that features the real Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory.”  A quest to find the Higgs particle and the first days at CERN Now physics is not my forte and I went into it thinking, there is no way I’m going to understand any of this, but honestly there was something so beautiful about seeing these genius formulas being written to explain the way things came to be.  The whole thing is actually pretty fun to watch even if at times you feel uneasy at how little you understand about physics.  So much is still left unknown and there still seems so much to explore that the whole thing leaves me in absolute awe.

Not only is it pretty fun to watch, the visuals aren’t too bad either.  Great credit sequence.


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