It’s A Girl

More females are missing on earth today from gendercide than the combined number of deaths from all the genocides in the 20th century

It’s a girl.  The three deadliest words in the world.

In a world that has been transformed by technology and time, it is hard to imagine that female gendercide still exists, let alone that it is not talked about much.  In this heart breaking documentary we are shown how of little value a girl is in the eyes of the world, focusing mostly on India and China.  Here girls are abandoned, neglected, killed and all to often forgotten.  With a mortality rate of 1- 5 year old girls being 40% higher than boys, it is very obvious to see that the men now out number the women.

How did it get like this?  To me, it all stems from a long and sad history of patriarchal societies that have brought females the title of waste of space, nothing more than a baby maker.  Religions and traditions that prize the male as symbols of strength and power and women as burdens and invaluable. This documentary has some disturbing numbers and graphics that shocks you to your core to know that this is still continuing.  Still I wish it had dove further.  Many subtitles were missing and it seem to fall short as to what could be done.  With such an important topic, I wish this documentary had been a great documentary rather than a good.

Little is said about this tragedy today and we have now just come to accept that this is how it is.  Had they been male babies, we would have never called it a woman’s rights problem but a human rights one.


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