Bully is a documentary about a few families struggles with bullying.  With no narration, the camera follows the families on their day to day.  You hear the stories, and see what’s going on and at times you’d wish the camera man would put the camera down and step in.

Although this documentary touches on a very serious issue that many students are facing I felt it fell short of explaining to us the reasons why and the things that a person can do to prevent bullying.  Following some kids around with a camera, recording their day to day is what I can find on youtube.  I personally, would like some commentary, some reasons why.  Has bullying always been this bad?  What can one do to prevent it from happening?   TELL ME!

Hopefully, kids will watch this and learn how their actions affect each other.  Put themselves in the shoes of these character and touch upon how they feel.  Maybe they’ll even start discussions on how to behave better and accept peoples differences.  Only to go out to a world that continues to separate people into groups and pick at their many differences.

What double standard message are we sending our children when we expect them to all get along and accept and embrace those of different race, origin, religion and then have them enter into adult hood just to throw it into the pile of childhood innocence gone?  Will we ever live in a world with out bullying?  I say it is up to the adults, not the children to lead by example to show we are not so different, we are not so cruel and to form bonds of how we are similar and accepting.

Bully makes a good effort, but I found myself getting bored at the tone and overall direction of the movie.  I wish it had done more and dove deeper to explain things about the human psyche that most don’t know about or don’t want to know about.  I didn’t enjoy the documentary as much as I thought I would have.  With no direction, suggestion or solutions, I found myself not caring and less involved then I would like to admit.  I didn’t see light or answers, just a progressive showcasing of bullied kids and what the future may look like for them.


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