The Honeymoon Murder

BBC - The Honeymoon Murder

BBC – The Honeymoon Murder

I love South Africa, having gone there for holiday in 2008, but one thing I don’t love about it, is the crime rate.  Said to have more crimes committed than Baghdad, it is sad to note that stories like this are not uncommon in South Africa.

The story begins by painting the husband, Shrien Dewani as a shady character.  You know the type, constantly stepping out to make “business calls,” having secret negotiations with people, makes inappropriate hand gestures.  And what the parents have to say about it is very concerning to say the least.  What rubs me to wrong way are the texts she starts sending out before her murder.  I don’t know, but if I were just wed I wouldn’t be sending out texts wishing it never happened….call me crazy.

Still, could it have just been a few men taking advantage of a situation?  Could Shrien Dewani be innocent and these stories against him have been fabricated by the shooters for a lesser sentence?  Which brings up an excellent question.  Why in the world do we continue to work with criminals, usually offering a sentence that is considered a walk in the park?  Have they forgotten that these men are criminals, you know, lying, stealing, cheating, oh did I forget to mention LYING.  Sigh, and that’s where the testimonies fall apart.  The many false claims that were made that did not match the footage from cameras.  So after finding that the testimonies were false, why not remove the plea bargain of a lesser sentence?

Tragically, we are no closer to the truth.  The case is still open and South Africa would like Shrien Dewani to be extradited to stand trial, but currently Dewani’s lawyers are fighting to appeal on the grounds that he is suffering from severe post-traumatic stress and depression.


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