Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father


Kurt Kuenne’s tribute to his dear friend, Andrew Bagby is one of the most raw, emotional, powerful documentaries I have seen in a long time.   It is such a good documentary that I will never see again.  Even today, almost a year after I saw it, I remember this story.  A story told by the many who had come to know Andrew Bagby and who had shaped him to be there person they so much loved.  If you ever wonder, can one life really make a difference, then let me tell you, after you watch this, you’ll never wonder that again.

The emotional roller coaster I felt watching this was like no other.  The documentary had me teary eyed in less then a minute.  Frustrated a bit later and then just when I thought any moment now, the clouds would diminish and the sun would come shining through I was thrown a twist in the plot that sent electrical currents of confusion and then anger to all my extremities.  Don’t worry if you find yourself screaming at your screen trying to piece together things that could have been or should have been.  For this documentary, actions of screaming at screens, punching pillows, or cussing at nobody are completely valid.

Still having said all that, I would highly recommend everyone (adults) to watch this documentary.  A two box of tissues documentary if there ever was one. Kuenne does a wonderful job bringing together the memories he had of his dear friend.  It’s unlike many documentaries out there, and it brings to light the lack of regulation on extradition laws in Canada and how custody laws are not always right.  Intense and well made, this is one documentary that is a must see and possibly one of the best in its genre.


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