I love documentaries, I mean I really really love them.  Some think its insane but there isn’t anything I enjoy watching more than a good documentary.  What drives this?  Well I love to learn things and I love being smart, smarter than most people.  Call it a competitive personality trait I have, but I like to know a little bit about everything.  Yes, one can easily be branded as a know it all, but I never claim to know it all.  I only claim that I learned something new and that I have to share it.

Now, you may wonder where do I find the time?  Fortunately I work at my dream job making movies and one of the best things about it is that I can put on some headphones and listen to music, radio, TV, etc.  I usually tune on the latest documentary that I can find and listen away.  That’s one of the great things about them.  You can just listen and learn.  And for the documentaries that I need to actually watch to understand, like foreign language captions or visually powerful material, I make time.  Yes I’m a little behind on today’s TV shows, as I’ve never seen Dexter or Break It Bad, but I really don’t care much for their story lines.  Best stories come from real life.

So over the years, I’ve watched many, and just about daily I would talk to friends and co-workers, heck anybody for that fact about something fascinating that I saw.  Then one day someone told me I should write a blog.  Maybe it was their way of telling me to stop talking to them about it, but I took it and ran.

A note to the viewers.  Please understand that these are just my opinions and the ratings I give are based on my opinions.  You are more than welcome to share your thoughts as well, but don’t come here to bash my or other people’s comments, that’s what youtube is for.  I want to bring to viewers the excitement I get when I hear of a new documentary.  So please, be respectful and if you have a hard time with that, I’m sure there is a documentary out there that can explain to  you why.




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